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Maswali Yaulizwayo Mara Kwa Mara

Maswali Yaulizwayo Mara Kwa Mara

My emails are plainly arranged without any graphical features once I login into GMS
  • Possible Causes
    •  You might be experiencing a slow internet connectivity.
    •  Your browser might be referring to a previous opened page that has been cached (stored) in the browser history and has got same information that was lastly viewed/opened during a slow connection.


    Possible Solutions
    Option 1
    • Logout by clicking on the logout button
    • Try to login with a different browser e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.
    • Try to find an alternative faster internet connection for example, you can use a Modem and try to login again. Once you have entered your username and password, your browser with automatically detect a faster internet connection  and the “Mode” field will show “Automatic” and definitely, the landing page will open with all graphical representation


    Option 2
    • If you do not have an alternative solution, you can try to login again by entering your username and password and click Login. But if the landing page opens with the same plainly arranged emails, try to logout and enter your username and password again and on the “Mode” field select “Automatic” then click the Login button.
    • Your landing page with open with well-arranged emails with all graphical representations; and if not. logout again by clicking on Logout button.
    • Try Option 3


    Option 3
    • Login again by entering your username and password, and on the “Mode” field, select “Automatic” and you will get a landing page with well-arranged emails and  graphical representation, but of this does not happen, your browser might be fetching login details from browser cached (store) data
    • To resolve this problem, consult your GMS Administrator at your Institution to assist you to clear browsing history (Cached files) then try to login again


    NOTE: If after attempting all the above options ans still GMS opens with plainly-arranged email, then DO NOT WORRY. This is a MINIMAL or BASIC window that usually opens/appears when user is trying to login to GMS while in a slow internet connection. It will open normal and with all graphical representations when the internet is stable/faster.

I get an error “Error Communicating with the Server” while trying to send an email
  • Possible Causes:
    • You are experiencing a slow internet connection
    • You are trying to send an email during peak hours i.e. many GMS users are trying to connect to the Webmail Server at the same time.
    Possible Solutions
    • Wait for about a minute and try to re-send the message again, this might solve the problem.
    • If the problem is not solved, save the composed message by clicking the “Save Draft” button. This action will close the composing window.
    • Go back to the “Drafts” folder, select the message you want to send then click on “Resume”. This action will re-open the message in composing window, then try to send the message by clicking on “Send” button
    • Your message will be sent.
I am getting an error message when sending the email “There was an Error Sending your Message”.
  • Possible Causes
    • Either you are sending message to unauthorized group.
    • There is a bad character (s) such as -,*,> etc. in your address fields (To: Cc: or Bcc :)
    • The Mail Server has denied authentication of one or more recipients.
    Possible Solutions
    • Logout by clicking the “Logout” button and try to login again. This might solve the error.
    • If the problem persists, please contact the GMS Administrator of your Institution for further assistance.


Attaching a file (attachment) to GMS is taking too long/cannot attach a file.
  • Possible Causes:
    • Slow internet connectivity.
    • File size has exceeded the maximum limit allowed to be sent which is 20MB.
    Possible Solutions
    Option 1

    If the problem is caused by slow internet connectivity then;

    • First confirm if the problem is internet speed by trying to open other sites such as Google, yahoo etc. If these sites open with ease, then there might a problem with the system itself so try to contact the GMS Administrator of your Institution for further assistance.
    • But if other sites do not open as well, try to find an alternative stable/fast internet connection. For example, you try to use a Modem;
    • Try to re-attach the file again and the problem will be solved
    Option 2

    If the file size limit is exceeded then;

    • If you are trying to send a number of individual files, try to send them in smaller groups, the problem will be solved.
    • If you are sending just one file which has exceeded the allowed Maximum File Size (20MB), try to reduce the file to suit the recommended file size by compressing it. You can use compressing applications such as WinRAR or ZIP to compress the file. If you do not have either of these applications, contact your Institution’s GMS Administrator for technical assistance.
    • Once you have completed action No.2 above, re-attach the file again and the problem will be solved.
    • If the problem persists, please consult your GMS Administrator of your Institution for assistance.
I am getting the message “Error communicating with Server” or “There has been no contact with the Server for Several Minutes” when sending, reading or trying to open an email.
  • Possible Causes:
    • Internet connectivity problem.
    • The server may be temporarily unavailable and network problems may be interrupting your session.


    Possible Solution:
    • Ensure internet connection is stable but trying some options provided above on No. 4, Option 1, bullet one
    • If the problem persists, please consult the GMS Administrator for further technical assistance.